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- Make sure the property is ready before the shoot. If the property is not ready, the photographer will consult with the Agent, and either shoot the property As-Is or reschedule the shoot for the next available date, which will incur a rescheduling fee.


- Keep the Home Owner informed about the shoot date and time, and information about the Photographer (Name and Last Name).


- Provide the photographer with easy access to the property.

- Chose before-hand between paying a non-refundable deposit before the shoot date, or paying the invoice in full BEFORE they receive the final images.

- Disclose to the Photographer if the property is located in a dangerous neighborhood. With that information, the photographer will have the opportunity to make certain preparations to minimize the chances of any incident happening during the shoot.



- Arrive at the property on time.

- Deliver a Professional Service to the Real Estate Agent, ensuring that the Images produced are at the right quality standard.

- Establish fluid communication with the Agent. Responsiveness is one of our Branding Characteristics.

- Provide the Agent a 'Before The Shoot To-Do List' which will make it easier for the Realtor to avoid unnecessary extra fees.




The Copyright Laws of the United States of America, designate the photographer taking the photos, as the sole owner of said images. The Photographer then will lease these images to the Real Estate Broker or Agent, to be used lawfully during a determined timeframe, or at perpetuity. The License type will depend on the type of property (Residential or Commercial), if it's a rental or sale, among other aspects that are taken into account.


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